Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Dragonology!

My Auntie Malissa helped me draw this picture of a Cockatrice! I am hoping to do a series of these to hang in my room!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Dragonology Handbook

I believe in Dragonology. I'm a cool kid who dedicates his life to dragonology and crypt zoology.
On your left is a possible image of a cockatrice that kills its victims by breathing on them because of the poison droplets in it's vile breath. On your right is thought to show a basilisk who has shape-shifted into the guise of a young dragon chick. As the illustrator lived to tell this tale however, this may not be the case.
1. Hanging a basilisk corpse from the rafters helped detour spiders and swallows from coming into your house.
2. No one knows what their "real" shape is like.
3. There is no antidote to their venom's bite for basilisks are shape shifters and are very hard to spot.
Those that study wild dragons take mirrors with them when they go searching for basilisks. This is because, when faced with two enemies-the student in it's own reflection-the basilisk will judge itself the more dangerous and attack the mirror, leaving the student to take notes.
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